Astrologer India, where Astrology can be traced to thousands of year, back to the Vedic Times. Astrology Traditions have been seen in Atharva – Veda which is considered one of the most sacred texts in India. Jyotish which commonly is referred to Ancient Indian Vedas Astrology in India which is entrusted on the positions of the planets and a few relatively fixed stars with respect to time and space in context to their effect on Humans and other beings on Earth. The study of astrology since the ancient era has been relied upon science and utilizes many Complex Mathematical Calculations to craft Astrological Predictions and Prophecies. It was believed according to the Vedas there exists 27+1 Constellations inclusive of 12 Zodiac Signs, 9 Planets and 12 Houses each one of which represents an aspect of the Human Life. To put these studies into effective work we have Astrologists, someone who studies the positions of the planets with respect to time in order to predict future outcomes and explain the significance of the events of past. An Astrologist analyzes horoscope (kundali) to guide a person who consults them regarding the upcoming events in life and for materialistic success. They prepare the horoscope by taking account of planets, in context with the zodiac signs based on influential factors such as place and time of birth of the person. An astrologer then studies the horoscope chart and figures out the probability of success and failures of actions of a person’s decisions. Thus it is highly important to consult a genuine, honest, well knowledgeable and experienced Astrologist in order to understand relevance to your horoscope, and more than that it is important to behold the right kind of gem stone. We at Khanna Gems understand the importance and principles of astronomy and the discretion of an astrologer regarding a client’s horoscope. Since 1997 the directors Mr Pankaj Khanna and Mrs Anu Khanna have solemnly considered it important to provide compassion and great attitude towards the customers who seek answers and are concerned about what the future holds for them. They understand a client’s sensitivity, vulnerability and worry thus they believe in a clear one on one communication and fair service in a way that the client understands well. Astrology is a method for telling about the virtue of time the one that’s passed and the one coming in relevance to the universe. And time was divided into 12 sections which represent twelve tribes each section or each zodiac sign is associated with a particular Gemstone. Each of these gemstones is linked to the astrological (zodiac) sign that endow the person of that particular sign to benefit from the power of the Gemstone. The gemstones have healing benefits and characteristics that affect the mind, body and soul in a very positive way if used well. They bring good fortune, good luck and charm that carry protective powers and also protect one from the evil eye. There are variety of these gem stones which are unique in their own aspect, available in different colors, sizes, carrying different virtues and characteristics associated with life.