Birthday Puja

Birthday Puja

Birthday Puja(Rs 5100)

PKD organizes special Navgrah puja on birthday that will bring joy and happiness in the coming year of your life.

Birthday is the most special day in everyone’s life.  It is the day when we marked our presence in this world.

While most of us believe in celebrating our birthday with cutting of a cake and a party, what we all must remember is to throw a party for the Almighty as well.Well, by a party for the Almighty, we mean a pooja or a ritual to thank Him for giving us this life…and ensure that his blessings continue to be bestowed on us throughout the year.

Why is Janam din Pooja conducted?

janam din puja or Birthday Pooja is performed in order to to seek the blessings of almighty to give us success, energy and new aspirations.

This puja is performed in order to remove obstacles and to have a prosperous year ahead. , Janamdin Puja is generally conducted on the date of birth and is recommended as it not only increase one’s life but also brings  happiness and prosperity.

By performing Navgrah puja on this very important day of your life, you not only receive blessings from God but also get an opportunity to thank him for all the happiness and in your life.

Who can perform the pooja?

Janamdin pooja can be performed by you or by groups directly or with the help of a priest who will pray on your behalf.

Pooja or rituals are based on the tradition of offerings made by you to the God and seeking the blessings in return.

Benefits of Birthday Puja
According to our ancient texts, it is advised that everyone should get a Birthday Puja performed. This puja offers umpteen benefits to the observer and protects them from all the miseries of life. Other benefits of this puja include:

•    When this puja is performed with true devotion, it brings prosperity in life. 
•    This puja removes the obstacles present in one’s life 
•    This puja paves the way for growth. 
•    The puja also helps one in making a good start to the new year in one’s life.

What does Janamdin Pooja Include?

The priests will perform the puja as per the vedic rituals based on your birth details provided by you

The processes include: 

•    Ganpati Sthapna
•    Navagraha Sthapna
•    Kalash Sthapna
•    Deep Prajjawalit
•    Shodhashopchar Puja
•    Aarti
•    Dakshina for Brahmins.

Birthday Puja is done specifically in your name with your sankalpa, i.e, your wish. Once the order is placed, a virtual link will be shared with you so that you can view the Puja. Post the completion of Puja, Prasad will be couriered to you on the address provided