Rahu Daan Yantra (Pack of 11)

Rahu Daan Yantra (Pack Of 11)

This Yantra is made of copper in the state of Hindi four and 40rt Gomedh is appended into it. You have to take an iron bowl and fill it with mustard oil and after that drench the Yantra into the bowl on a Saturday. At that point on next Saturday pour the oil in a peepal tree take a dark fabric 1.25 meters and wrap 1.25kg dark urad, 1.25 kg dark until and place the Rahu Yantra and the iron bowl in it. At that point before 12 Noon it ought to be signified to heavenly streaming water with complete commitment. This paanch mahadan is said to decrease the shrewd impacts of Rahu which are caused because of its arrangement, dasha, antardasha or travel. 
There is an old Hindu custom that gifts are given in Holy running water to avert the underhanded impacts of malefic planets. the old puranas like Agnipurana and Matsya purana manage the gifts of Rattan Jadhit Yantra (Gem studded yantra) to ward of underhandedness and appease great throughout everyday life. On the off chance that routinely done particularly close to's birthday and, at that point rehashed quarterly this brings amazing outcomes. These gifts must be made in such way that you give five articles one after another. This is known as PANCH MAHADAN. (The Gems utilized for making these Yantras are not of exceptionally high caliber but rather unique.) 
These Yantras have been enabled with exceptional Vedic mantras and Yogic Pran Pratishta by Sh. Pankaj Khanna himself. 
Yantra is the Sanskrit word which means an instrument or a machine. In Tantric writings and Bhramanical Texts it implies Visual Mantras or in simple words mantras made in geometrical figures and hues to impact nature, grandiose powers, spirits around us, the hostile stare of our adversaries and our own atmosphere and mental cosmetics. In Hindu and Buddhist enchantment this sort of geometric structures known as Yantra in Hindus and Thangka Paintings or just Thangka in Buddhist regions is generally found in Temples, religious communities, Homes and Viharas.
Maximun Quantity - 100
Suggested Quantity to Donate - 5, 11, 24, 48.