9 Days Navratri Anusthan with Khetri, Akhand Jyoti, Kalash Stahpana ,Durga Saptshati path

9 Days Navratri Anusthan With Khetri, Akhand Jyoti, Kalash Stahpana ,Durga Saptshati Path

Price : Rs. 3100

Navratri comes from a Sanskrit word, Nava means Nine and ratri mean night. During this festival of nine nights, nine forms of Shakti (also known as Navdurga) are worshipped throughout the country.

Benefits of this puja

  • When done unconditionally without any expectations, Chaitra Navratri puja can give the ultimate benefit of salvation upon the performers.
  • This puja has the power to remove afflictions and fears and boost up the courage and confidence of individuals.
  • Scientifically, the Chaitra Navratri falls during the commencement of summer and therefore the vrat cleanses the system and prepares for the summer season.

What is included?

  • A link through which you can watch puja online
  • Prasad (Mata ka khazana, Panchmeva, Mata ki chunni, Durga Satpshati Book as Prasad)
  • Learned pandits will perform this puja on your behalf

Important facts about Puja

  • Navratri puja is a sanctified festival of Goddess Durga. Navratri is a blissful solemnization involving nine nights of worship.
  • At Prabhu Kripa Dham, we have brought you an opportunity to seek blessings of Maa Durga with Navratri Anushthan, Khetri, Kalash Stahpana and Akhand Jyoti.
  • In this puja, priests will do individual Kalash sthapana for you. Khetri will be sown before the deity in your name
  • They will recite entire Durga Saptshati path in your name on all 9 days of Navratri