Ashta Bhairava Homam On Kalashtami

Ashta Bhairava Homam On Kalashtami

Price : Rs. 4100

Evil eye is a look that is believed by all cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck on the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. The term also refers to the power attributed to certain persons, of inflicting injury or bad luck by such an envious or ill wishing look. It usually affects infants and children; they are more vulnerable to evil eye. However, Successful adults are at great risk of harms from evil eye

Ashta Bhairava Homam is a Vedic procedure. It is a step towards creating a completely healthy body, mind and soul. It helps ignite the powerful inner spirit to fight evil’s aura of black magic and evil spells. Fire is known to destroy all imperfections.

Benefits of this puja

  • Protect you from evil eye
  • Improve your luck and invite happiness in life
  • Overcome your debts and seek prosperity and abundance
  • Get relief from all sorts of illness and diseases

What is included?

  • List of Dos and Don’ts that needs to be followed during and before the puja
  • A link through which you can watch this puja online
  • Prasad: Energized Kauri Shankh (5 pieces), Panchmava