Chandra Graha Shanti puja and Homan on Chandra Grahan

Chandra Graha Shanti Puja And Homan On Chandra Grahan

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Chandra or Moon is responsible for the various aspects of brain and mind, feelings, emotions,
gentleness, motherhood, imagination and thinking.
It is to be noted that the full moon or waxing moon is beneficial, but the dark moon or waning
moon is malefic in nature. If you have malefic Moon in your horoscope, you need to calm it
down. For this, Chandra Graha Shanti Puja on Chandra Grahan is advised.
PKD bring you an opportunity to appease Chandra Graha, through a puja that will be performed
on your behalf, on 21 st January 2019
When the Chandra Graha Shanti puja is performed, it eradicates the malefic effects of the moon
and increases the positivity in one’s life. All the troubles, hurdles and other health related
problems are resolved. One achieves the mental calm, satisfaction, pleasure and control over
Other benefits of Chandra Graha Shanti Puja on Chandra Grahan are:
•    This puja ensures a healthy mind and fit body
•    It brings peace and harmony in one’s life
•    It ensures that all your desires are fulfilled
•    This puja enhances your level of confidence
•    This puja is very effective to overcome personality disorder
•    This puja brings positivity in your life and create favourable situations in your life
•    It cures all the health related troubles in one’s life
At PKD, we ensure that this puja is performed by learned pandit, on your behalf, adhering to all
the Vedic rules and regulations. Once you order a puja, an online is sent to you through which
you can be a virtual part of the puja. 
On the completion of the Puja, Prasad will be couriered to you on the address provided