Group Hanuman Jayanti

Group Hanuman Jayanti

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Benefits of Lord Hanuman puja

  • Puja of Lord Hanuman can rid you of evil effects caused by malefic planetary transit in your horoscope. The puja is performed in a pious manner
  • Courage and determination are characteristic traits that improve through lord hanuman puja
  • Hanuman puja brings luck and fortune if done in proper rituals



The Significance of Hanuman Jayanti – the birthday of Lord Hanuman 

The holy Hanuman Jayanti festival or Hanumath Jayanti, celebrates the birth of Hanuman, is observed in the Chaitra lunar month. This year, the festival falls on the 19th April 2019, which happens to be a Friday.  

This festival is celebrated with immense devotion by Hindus of all hues and in particular by the devotees of Hanuman or Hanuman Bhakts. The different aspects of Hanuman are remembered and worshipped on Hanuman Jayanti festival day. 

Lord Hanuman is the devotee of Lord Sri Ram. He is always remembered for his sincere devotion to Lord Ram. Hanuman is a powerful deity very popularly worshipped in Hinduism. Hanuman is the symbol of courage, strength, wisdom and victory. He vanquishes all evils and brings success. The worshippers of Hanuman will gain enormous physical and mental strength and courage to succeed in li

Importance of Lord Hanuman Puja

Lord Hanuman puja holds special significance for the devotees as it strengthens the physical and mental development of the devotees. If Lord Hanuman puja is performed under proper rituals as per the guidance of Pandit, the likelihood of creating positive energy around you and your surroundings as well as bolstering your aplomb will be the notable benefits you attain. One of the other reasons behind the importance of Lord Hanuman puja is being endeared to Lord Rama; you will get the blessing of Lord Sri Ramachandra. To please Lord Hanuman, the devotee is advised to worship him alongside with the photo of Lord Rama, Lord Laxaman, and Goddess Sita