Mangal Dosh Nivaran Mantra Jaap with Homam-10000chants

Mangal Dosh Nivaran Mantra Jaap With Homam-10000chants

Price : Rs. 21000

Benefits of this Puja:

  • Remove Manglik Dosh
  • Overcome the malefic effects of Mars(Mangal)
  • Increase the chances of your marriage by overcoming the dosha delaying your marriage
  • Boost harmony in the family and ensure marital peace 

Important facts about Puja

Mars is one of the nine planets in the Vedic Astrology,which holds great importance in your horoscope.Mars is an indicator of energy, Vitality, Violence, ambition, strength, passion and desire.Mars is known to be the protector of Dharma directing people on the path of truth and virtue.

If Mars is weak in a horoscope it brings nth problems:

  • The person lack energy and motivation and inability to do work.
  • He/she may be overly passive, easily controlled or may even be abused.
  • He may be involved in court cases, face loss due to fire/theft/land problem.
  • Physical immune system will be weak There may be tendency for bleeding or injuries with slow healing and possible anaemia. For males there may be lack of sexual vitality. Mars also denotes lack of blood & muscles power
  • A  Manglik  dosh   signifies  the  Malefic effect  of  the Mars planet  in  a  horoscope   due  to  which  it  will  be  difficult  for  you  to  settle  down  in   married  life . The  person  will  also  have  to  endure hardships  in  the  marriage  generated  by  the  spouse .
  • The  effect  of  kuja  dosh  is  to  cause  the  person  to  be  somehow  victimized  in  his  marrriage .This  can  occur  in  any  number  of  ways  but  ultimately  one  is  likely  to  end  up  divorced  and  generally  through  no  obvious fault  of  one’s  own

The Puja includes:

  •  Sankalp
  •  Mangal Homan, Puja
  •  Dakshina to Pandit Ji
  • Prasad:

Energised Mangal Yantra,Idol Of Hanuman