Overcome obstructions and delays in your life with Sundar Kand & Bajrang Baan Group Anushthan on Hanuman Jayanti

Overcome Obstructions And Delays In Your Life With Sundar Kand & Bajrang Baan Group Anushthan On Hanuman Jayanti

Price : Rs. 2100

Benefits of Service

  • According to our scriptures lord Hanuman protects us from problems and thats why everyone calls him “SANKATMOCHAN HANUMAN”
  • This puja  also helps to remove fear and shadow of ghost
  • The Bajrang Baan will remove all negative energies from your surroundings, and bring peace and harmony to your life.
  • The worship of Hanuman who is the Rudra Avatar of Shiva gives one strength and confidence to overcome any difficulty in life
  • Everyone sees ups and downs in his life like they face financial problems,dangerous diseases,obstacles in success and negative evil effect on life. All these problems can be cured  with Sundar Kand & Bajrang Baan path

Important facts about Puja

An ancient saying from Indian tradition says that if you want Lord Rama to terminate all your sorrows, you can reach Him only through Hanuman. Well, Hanuman is immensely powerful and an absolute devotee of Lord Rama. He is the granter of happiness and destroyer of problems. It is further believed that continuous reciting of the famous Hanuman Chalisa can help one overcome all sorrows and acquire supernatural powers. As Hanuman is very powerful, so his worship has become very powerful. 

 According to Hindu legends, Lord Hanuman is one among the principal characters in Ramayan. A great devotee of Lord Ram, He finds His place mentioned in Mahabharat, Puranas as well as some Jain texts too. Many historians believe that He was the son of Vayu (wind god) and Anjana. He is a monkey god and an incarnation of Lord Shiva. With other vanaras (humanoids in monkey forms) lead by His chief Sugriv and Lord Ram, He participated in a long-lasting war to vanquish the forces of evil lead by Ravan, the demon king.

Many heroic tales stand testimony to the fact of how the legend lived and are remembered even today particularly when preparations of Hanuman Jayanti are underway. One epic describes that Lord Hanuman had the ability to assume different forms at his own will and was able to seize clouds, move mountains, break rocks or move as swiftly as the divine bird Garuda. With innumerable energy and strength, no demon was able to stand against him. No doubt, it was a precious gift he received from gods from his childhood days.

This will help you to get rid of troubles, worries and give you strength to overcome difficulties with ease. The more you repeat them and remember Lord Hanuman, the more will you come closer to him. Though many notice him standing tall within the majority of temple complexes or at their entrances, hardly one knows the true significance as to why people arrive in large numbers to celebrate the popular Hanuman Jayanti festival.

The Puja includes:

  •  Sankalp
  •  Bajrang bann
  • Sunder kand
  •  Dakshina to Pandit Ji
  • Prasad