Self and family protection puja from Black magic on Holi

Self And Family Protection Puja From Black Magic On Holi

Price : Rs.

Benefits of this puja

  • Relief from all the negative energies
  • Protection against unnatural death and unforeseen circumstances
  • Removal of all the obstacles and troubles

What is included?

  • An online link through which you can witness the puja
  • Prasad (a small packet of black seesam and energised salt)
  • Learned pandits will do this puja on your behalf.

Important facts about Puja

  • Black magic can create havoc in the life of the targeted person and destroys him mentally and physically.
  • If you are occupied with negative energies, every aspect of your life, is disturbed.
  • To overcome these negative energies, you need to appease and worship Kaal Bhairav and Maa Durga.
  • Self and family protection puja from black magic is a protection puja, which eradicates all the troubles from your life, like spirits, charms, psychic attacks and more.