Surya puja on Makar Sakranti.

Surya Puja On Makar Sakranti.

Price : Rs. 1100

It is believed that worshipping the Sun or Surya Dev on Makar Sankranti brings a great
boon to the devotees. To help you seek blessings of Surya Dev, Prabhu Kripa dham has
brought a wonderful opportunity to appease Lord Surya with Surya puja on Makar Sakranti.
The Sun is moving from zodiac sign Sagittarius to Capricorn, thereby making the next few
months very auspicious for businesses and professions. Those who are willing to seek
great professional success and growth in business, this puja is vital.
Benefits of Business and Profession enhancing group puja on Makar Sankranti:
-          This puja helps in the expansion of business and growth in business
-          This puja helps the person to have a healthy heart and fit body
-          It removes the obstacles from life and develop favourable situations for the devotees
-          This puja is an excellent solution to obtain career growth
At PKD, we ensure that this puja is performed on your behalf by expert pandits adhering to
all the rituals and rules. Once you order a puja, you will be sent a link through which you
can be a witness this puja virtually. After the completion of this puja, Prasad will also be
couriered to you on the address you have mentioned while buying the puja.