Most of the time,common man is victim of some kind of scheming against him or the other and life becomes difficult. Yantras can prove extremely beneficial for persons facing problems without any apparent reason. For instance, if you desire to gain some specific object but due to the wrath of any planet or some deities are unable to reach it then special yantras can be prepared for appeasing the concerned deity with proper puja and it will be helpful in gaining the desired objective.
As for example, if someone is facing obstructions because of his opponents and is facing problems in litigation, in such a case Baglamukhi yantra can be prepared to crush the opposition.
This yantra can be prepared with the help of specially prepared ink on bhoj patra and then it is energized by the chanting of Baglamukhi mantra: -
By wearing the Baglamukhi yantra thus prepared all the opponents and opposition of the person will automatically be subdued. The special method of its preparation and wearing on one's person should be strictly adhered to.
Likewise Shri yantra, Mahalakshmi yantra and other such yantras can be prepared with the help of special ink and pen on bhoj patra and then energizing it by chanting beej mantra: - By placing Shree Yantra in the locker or the place where one keeps his money in the specially prescribed method helps in appeasing Mahalakshmi and money increases Other yantras can be prepared on the bhoj patra on holi, deepawali and eclipses which can work as an antidote against evil eye, evil forces and other such things.
This yantra has to be energized by chanting of the mantra: - Our scriptures give special importance to medicines and mantras- yantras. If a pregnant lady is facing difficulty related to childbirth then in a bowl special ingredients are collected and energized by chanting of the following mantra 108 times: -
If this special medicine is given to the pregnant lady to drink and the rest is applied on the stomach and then childbirth becomes easy.
If a Beesa yantra and sarva karya siddhi kar yantra is prepared on the bhoj patra with the special method and then purifying and energizing it with native name and by chanting of it's beej mantra:
Then the native's ( who use/wear prepared yantra) objectives will be realized. In the same manner, an entire range of yantras can be prepared and experimented with, which can benefit one with extraordinary progress and growth and his difficulties starts dissolving.
A special note should be made of all the yantras which are prepared with the use of special ink.A special pen is to be used and the mantra which is used for energizing the yantra is correct and there is no error of pronunciation. All these yantras should be prepared taking in consideration the special day, tithi and nakshatra for each yantra.